Dear members,

Our daily life in and around our association in times of the COVID-19 virus demands adaptability from all of us. As earlier discussed in our WhatsApp groups, all activities have been postponed, this includes:

- All car meets of any sort
- Flux Meet Promo
- All borrels/gatherings of any sort
- GMMs

We will follow all guidelines and updates of the RIVM (the Dutch Health Institute) closely. You can find these guidelines on the website of the RIVM on

We do not support any kind of unnecessary gathering amongst members, all measures taken by the government are there to slow down the spreading of the COVID-19 virus. Neglecting those measures is not done! We all need to take our responsibility, not for ourselves, but also for the people who are sharing this planet with us. Together we can slow or even stop the spread of this deadly virus. We cannot stress this enough.

As far as the Summer Trip is concerned:
We, the board and the AirCo, will do our best to postpone any payments that need to be made in order to reserve the stay of the Summer Trip. Hence, we will try to stretch our time to make a decision to either cancel the trip or continue our work to make it a success! For all of those who already paid, in case of cancellation before any reservations are made, you will get your money back. We will update you when any decisions have been made about the trip, it is then still possible (if we would continue the trip), to cancel your reservation if you are not feeling comfortable on going on a trip. For any questions money-wise, please contact our treasurer Bart

For any other questions, you can always mail [email protected] (reply on this email) or contact us via WhatsApp.

Updates about the coronavirus from our schools:


Stay safe,
The first board of ESAV First Gear