As you might know the board is looking for a new board for the coming academic year. A month ago we had our board interest borrel at which some of you were very interested to become a board member for next year. Some of the interested people, could not attend the borrel, hence for them, and actually all of you, this follow-up.

First of all, why would one want to become a board member?

Personal improvement (e.g.):
You will learn all ins and outs of the association
You will get to know (almost) all members and new members, and you’ll get befriend and bond with fellow board members.
You will learn bits of running a ‘business’.


What do you do as a board member?

1 meeting with the board each week/2 weeks

You will attend (almost) all activities:
promo events

Keep contact with 3rd parties, such as:

TUe / Fontys

You will guide at least one commission

You set up projects and create future plans for the association

You will set up, plan and lead GMMs

How do i combine this with my study/work:

Being a board member cost you approx. 6 hours a week.
In the exam period, there are less activities, and thus less meetings. As board member you are free to choose to meet or not in this period. You can discuss this with your fellow board members.
Enough free time to work, but can be difficult to work more than 10 hours a week, and do full study program and to be a board member. Find your balance, then everything is possible.
Most of the work as a board member can be done from home, at any time you want. You set up deadlines with fellow board members, so if something is undoable, don’t set that deadline for yourself!

So you want to apply for a place in the board? What do you do now?

Send us a letter of motivation (to [email protected]) before 01-05-2020 (first of May), tell us the following in max 1 A4 (Dutch or English): 

Tell us shortly about yourself, which field of study do you follow? Where do you live etc. 
Which of the three positions you want to fulfill, why?
What are your strengths and weaknesses?
What do you want to accomplish in your position as board member for your boardyear. 
Anything you would like to add

The next steps:

Letter of motivation before 01-05-2020

- A chat with all applicants together, make plans and make groups (somewhere in the beginning of May)
- make plans for the coming year together, match visions.
- The first gear board chooses their candidates.
- At the last GMM of this academic year (end of june), you will be presented to the members. The GMM chooses their new board, others do have an option to form a board as well. The GMM will vote which board the want to have for next year. 

We hope to see your letters soon! Please, if you have questions of any kind, contact us via WhatsApp/mail!

With kind regards,

The E.S.A.V. board
First Gear