With the third GMM being over and the new board being installed a new year for the association is called in.

With this news post we would like to introduce the board to all members that could not make the third GMM or members that joined the association later.

The second board of E.S.A.V. De Beunbazen is called Mk2 with Boaz Broeren, Wimco Veerman and Rob Schaafsma as chairman, secretary and treasurer respectively.

Each board member will now give a short introduction,

Chairman Boaz: You guys might know me from the famous second break down of the ESAV association, stuck at the side of the Belgian highway with a GT86 and a broken transmission fork…. Or from that one weird picture that could be issued on the newest release of the annual playgirl calendar.

Anyway! I’m a third-year mechanical engineering student at the TU/e and proud owner of a GT86 and a broken golf 1.8i Mk2. I’m eager to bring the association to new levels together with my excellent board members and looking forward to this year despite the corona crisis.

Secretary Wimco: You might know me as the guy who drives the suspicious van! I am a 4th year Automotive Management student. I did internships at LenGo (DAF Dealer) and Ebusco. If I don't have to go to school I sell cars at a local used car lot! You might say that I like cars and yes, the parking lot at my house is filled with my beunprojects.
At the moment I own a Ford Transit and Mondeo, look them up in our virtual garage or come and take a look at one of the meets! I like to make music, camping, drinking expensive gluten free alcoholic drinks and beuning of course!

Treasurer Rob: Hi, I'm a 3rd year student at TU/e, currently studying applied physics. You might know me from my inspiring quotes and memes in the group chat or as the guy who always wants to go on a holiday trip with ESAV. I do drive a Ford Fiesta Sport as a fun daily driver and a Mazda mx5 as project car. The things I love most are: beuning (of course), touring, camping, nature, specialty beer and fancy LED lights. My motto is: you can always get/do it cheaper.... hopefully this will lead into some good financial decisions for ESAV.