With the start of the new academic year, a new board has been chosen during the last GMM. The third board of E.S.A.V. de Beunbazen is called GT3 and for the first time will consist of four members. 

The members of the new board are: Mark Hofman, Sebastiaan Wories, Walter Nijhout and Koen Mies. 

The third board is aiming to make the association ready for a future as a full grown student association whilst maintaining the laid back and kind atmosphere. 

Below each member of the new board will quickly present himself. See you all at the next meet!

Chairman: Mark Hofman


my name is Mark.
I grew up at classic car shows and classic car associations. Since a couple of years i have been the caretaker of a little 1972 MG Midget called Allie. Being around old cars allot usually means that the fellow enthusiasts you meet are as old as the cars you are looking at, so it was great to finally meet a group of people my own age that share the hobby. My interest in cars drove me to become a Mechanical Engineer and currently I’m working on my masters in Mechanics of Materials. 
Being part of the growth process of the ESAV has been great and getting the chance to be one of four board members this year is next level. I hope that, together with other members of the board, to lift the organization of the ESAV to a new level, providing better connections with other associations and larger, more frequent and more varied activities. Let’s make this year the best year yet: Vo Beunbazen!

Secretary: Sebastiaan Wories


I'm Sebastiaan and I'm a 3rd year Mechanical Engineering student at TU/e. You might know me for my love of old boxy Swedish cars and my firm belief that I will get my own Volvo through MOT any day now!
Although years of watching Top Gear got my petrolhead heart beating, in joining ESAV I truly got involved in cars and found a lot of friends along the way.
Things I like to do are beuning with friends, cruising through the Limburgish hillsides, playing guitar and bass, listening to my records, cooking and enjoying some specialty beers.
I hope to improve the association by updating documentation methods designed for a growth in number of members, further shaping the association for a professional future while keeping the friendly laidback atmosphere.
I am confident in my fellow board members and that this year will be a year to remember!

Treasurer: Walter Nijhout


my name is Walter, and I am 3rd year automotive student on the Fontys. You guys know me from the only (real) Subaru in the association, however I have a feeling this might change quickly… Things I like to do are; off-roading/rallying, AWD understeering, and having so much body roll that you can barely stay in your seat. Things I don’t like are drive axles, WOK’s, rust, and head gaskets.
The first half of this year I will have an internship at Voitures Extravert, a company that makes old Porsche 911’s electric. The second half of this year I will have a minor motorsport, so then I’ll be joining a racing team!
I hope to improve the association by improving the invoice system, and I plan to have a lot of ESAV sponsored activities, which will be worth your while! I also hope to improve this association as a whole and make this year a banger!

Commissioner of external affairs: Koen Mies

Hey Beunbazen,

I am Koen, ever since I was a little boy I have been a big car nut. In high school I started working on Audi A2s and VW Lupos, which later evolved into old Porsches and different Audi models. Currently I am restoring a 1985 Porsche 944 to be my daily driver fun sportscar. I am a big fan of Porsche and TDi engines. Besides cars, I love motorcycles, music, martial arts and nice borrels with my friends.  I am currently a third year bachelor mechanical engineering student and will be ESAV's first ever commissioner of external affairs. I am looking forward to strengthening our association by making new connections and gaining some sponsorship deals. Together with the rest of the new GT3 board, I will be working hard to make de Beunbazen reach the next level